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Wild Rift WTF – Episode 54

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  1. (1:25) Jarvan that insane clip very rare to see even in actual game, needs a proper calculation of range that it would reach your flash to the next enemy in order for her(senna) to be airborne, anyways I also love crystalrose jarvan if I win will buy that.

    RIP Eyan #JNGLE

  2. Not gonna lie 2:24 was the best clip amongst all that fast quadra by a jhin using only his Q and AA was a beast. I made myself rewind it 4 times and slowed it just to tell how did he get that quad in an instant. Underrated ADC Jhin Xhao jk HAHAHAHAHAHH top 2, 3 and 4 clips should not be included like obviously 10+kills up and 10k gold up then doing those plays was just meh. No surprise at all. Still, Jhin numbah 1 kekekekek

    IGN: Asmodeus#SKAV1

  3. 0:25 its calculated 👏,i mostly also do this trick with my yas.his target from the start was senna.well there's lil bit of luck in there since senna impatiently used her bind but still wp sir Gin

  4. 1:51 that Katarina is a monster, great moves, fast reaction and ended it with a satisfying Quadra kill. This encourage me to practice katarina. JUST WOW!!😩😩

  5. Top 5 amazed me, cuz my friend always use Katarina, and winning the 720 wild cores??Hmm I might buy him a Katarina skin cuz his birthday is about to come, haha

    Spider Menace#TASM

  6. 2:32 I love Vayne players. They're quite annoying and they have those insane reaction time and how they can easily dodge incoming projectiles. 😂
    Shadow Revived#Hide

  7. The top 5 is the best clip for me , those clutch movess 😆.. mean while the enemy team blaming at each other 👹


  8. It's that time of the week boys! Congratulations to this week's winner of 790 Wild Cores!

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