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6 Tips To Improve Your Aim in Apex Legends Season 12
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Aim Guide Season 12 Apex Legends
6 Tips to Improve Aim in Apex Legends
Aim Tips Apex Legends
Best Settings & Sensitivity Apex Legends
Aim Guide Apex

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  1. Very informational! I appreciate you creating these videos!

    However, I (probably other viewers as well) have a little bit of a hard time listening to your techniques and watching footage on something totally different at that particular time. It's almost as if I have to analyze what you're saying and if the footage doesn't match to what you're explaining, I have to cancel out the footage I'm watching in order to better envision what you're verbally explaining.

    I hope that maybe this small (maybe useless) tip makes your videos better! Thank you so much for your time and effort on these videos!

  2. I play on Both MnK on my desktop and controller on my ps5…I found high 4000 DPI and low sens 1.8 is my way on mnk and I use ALC on controller just to have a slower vertical aim and do most of my aiming with strafe. ( prolly a habit that comes from mnk )…just droping a comment to help. I 100% backup the comment to abuse the Firing range practice. it has made me progress 500% faster then games.

  3. I just hold my right stick a little bit down and to the right and it helps me hit at least a bit more bullets than i would without holding it down

  4. For an extra info kinna thing, in the military we focus on our crosshairs, I was wondering why my aim via video games got so bad😂

  5. This video came up in my feed I didn't know who you are until now. I gotta say I love the feedback about high movement and aim, compared to aiming and less movement. The way you talk about what each thing does specifically (barrels, stocks, etc) was great and things that I knew but it was more of an after thought. I hope that makes sense have a great day and please stay safe!

  6. Has someone ever mentioned you sound like Mirage? Cuz' you really sound like him ngl, just with the silly toned down. Good content by the way.

  7. Is the mastiff in the meta now? I've been seeing people use it in clips, so I don't know if people started using it again

  8. Fuck this game none of these guides help at all. Plat 4 for life, bull shit. Earn 6 to lose 36 earn 17 lose 36 earn 72 lose the next five games to hot drops where I get p2020 if anything and everyone else gets 301 and alternater n purple shields. Getting 1000-1500 damage is a major struggle/accomplishment. I do not believe anyone is getting to diamond and up honestly, all you cheaters are using modded controllers and Chronus zen and shit I don't believe otherwise no matter what you say or clip. Screw all these tips videos they don't mean shit. Just cheaters showing off and trying to make it sound and look easy and skilled.

  9. Actually recoil in this game is broken, you dont need to learn any recoil pattern if you can jitter as much as the weapon shoots there will be no recoil on any weapon. Its called Osciallation Method maybe look it up, Torje did a great video on it.

  10. Alc is good but it does have an aim ceiling, it’s harder to get used to, find a slow yaw and pitch and ads yaw and pitch then put deadzone to 0 and start from 0 in response curve, when you find your preferred response curve then you could use deadzone if you have stick drift, even if you don’t have stick drift sometimes having some deadzone fine tunes your aim

  11. I need help on improving in general, ive been playing since season 3 (when crypto was released) and i'm still really bad at the game.

  12. The thing with mouse sense is: I did it in 8 hours (of 2 days) and made small changes analyzing if my mouse was to slow or to fast in fight and it worked, but in the end its seperated for each player how to make this changes

  13. I play controller.. something that helps a lot is to have crouch on stick with toggle on, this is something that I've found out to help with general flick movements.

    Or I'm just strange 😔🙏

  14. You are the only youtuber not using strikepack, chronus or 3rd party software to improve your aim. Your recoil seems very natural and it's product of pure talent

  15. Its so funny how i know exactly how all of these guys aim and its a litteral way to do it in apex but yet nobody puts it in the video 😭😂😂 .. Go watch timmyy play he makes obvious

  16. Hey Mango! I like the 5th tip especially, but I wanna add something to it.

    It is wonderful to ALSO practice those weapons like the Sentinel and Mozambique and other guns that are your weaknesses because often times (in hot drop scenarios especially) you are going to have weapons that aren't your "go-to."

    My personal aim/gun training regiment is picking 2 weapons I can deliberately remember struggling with the day prior and using them to fight the firing range bots for enough time to acclimate better.
    This often times also leads to me looking out for those weapons in-game that day allowing me to ping the more frequently used weapons for my teammates.

    Lastly, I know it's common to grab all the gold and red gear in the firing range when fighting the bots, but give the all white gear a whirl considering that's what you start off with at the beginning of a match. This inadvertently makes my movement-while-shooting extremely better because I'm working from the HP disadvantage state.

    Thanks for the vids! Always got something to learn available!


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