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Hi everyone 👋
Thanks for ur support. I really appreciate it.

So I bought Wild pass. What do you think it is worth to spend money on wild passes? Also what do you think about my opening?

Stay tuned Champs! 💪
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  1. Those are badass pulls
    I wonder i can get a legendary or an ultimate skin there someday
    Im always wishing for a kda or crystal rose skin huhuhu

  2. All wild passes other than the first one have been the most profitable ones. Hope the next one with the new theme (not explorer Galio) is valued at the same price and brings more to the table.

  3. it was was indeed worth it!
    that recall is amazing, the things u can get in this wild pass are great!
    that orianna skin, even tho that gothic orianna skin is just a normal skin, its ten times better than its pc counterpart, it has updated model, and better splash art, like holy cow its an amazing splash art
    and arcade yasuo is great!!
    i dont really play him, but that skins great
    hexplorer sycanas fine, i play shyvana so… im atleast happy for it
    again, congrats!!!

  4. Also i have this idea for wild rift videos about skins but its too expensive, if wild rift release a skin line for example Project i'll buy it in bundle and make a video for each skins.

  5. I would definitely say wildpass is worth as it gives 1 guaranteed epic skin 2500 poro energy which is half a skin and a limited wildpass skin


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