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4 Mistakes in CODM Can Get Your Account Hacked

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  1. In case of my account, Someone hack it and linked it to a line ID. Don't know how… Now he is accessing my id with that..
    I change my activision mail and pass and contact activision support and they always saying there is no way to unlink a linked social account..😢😢!!

    Sucks CODM support😞!!!!

  2. Beware of some scrims and competitive match organizers coz they ask you to enter your uid and id. Only participate in legit organization tournaments

  3. Hi Trops CODM these thibgs are fr true i think these are the things that happened to me to get my acc un accesable

  4. Imagine the game glitching and you accidentally come to a secret spot and kill everyone so you get banned
    But I think there's like one website called Koda shot or codashop idk so many YouTubers promote it maybe it's safe?

  5. Ok so it was a good idea to not let my friend that hasnt played codm in a long time that i do not trust play on my account?

  6. Imagine your friends betrayed you pretending use your account as to protect your account. At the end, they robbed you.

  7. My first account from 2021 in codm was gone because my fb got hacked:(
    Edit:i also have alot have skins and epic guns and got to level master and it was all gone like my acc in codm was never made i also had alot of friends that were great😢


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