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  1. I'm sort of new and want to climb but knowing that you have arthritis makes me feel like theres a chance. I try to focus on macro but often after about 5-8 games I can barley move my hands so I'll keep trying!

  2. This might be the best LoL tutorial ever made. I haven't seen this explained or mentioned by anyone ever and it is crucial to high level play.

  3. all this channel's videos are the same.
    "do you do A, B, or C? well you all missed secret option D which was the right answer. we sent a smurf into a low elo game to show you why!"

  4. Soo.. one simple rule? Calculating distance of reachable objectives, triangulating their and your position within possible area of influence, timeframing its potential success rate and picking one (or more) based on known status of allies and enemies. Yeah.. No big deal..

  5. 1:30 so the idea is while your team is doing one objective, get vision in the area of the next objective while taking from them?
    7:20 What would Aatrox have done in this situation, not prior but the second he noticed Yi and Graves in that position? force a bad trade to distract Darius from helping? Or Ping Master Yi off scuttle seeing as he couldn't do anything?

  6. This really did change my mindset. I'm not shoving waves or getting kills because I want to be fed. No, I'm looking for opportunities to take advantages and make plays. This really changes things up. People always say: 'It's not about kills, it's about objectives', and then proceed to never elaborate further on that.

  7. See in my game…… The team would flame me as the jungler for not rotating and contesting the infernal drake

  8. Does this mean we do not want to group or contest objectives ever in low elo unless there are no other plays? Just curious when the exceptions are or if there are any?

  9. I’ve watched a bunch of ur vids and some advice were nice to know or just keep in mind. This advice, though, is going to change my gameplay!

  10. "Try to think what would be the most dangerous thing to do first"
    Yes, thank you very much skill capped, for encouraging my inting teammates to think about inting first and destroying all possible thought process in any other direction thanks to your very educational video bruv kekw

  11. "I have arthritis in both hands and basically no mechanics but I still hit challenger." Yep sounds like a support main 😂

  12. Very cool concept, but might it be more effective to start with the highest value options rather than the most difficult options?

  13. I'd say finding possible plays comes down to what, if you got it, gives you the most advantage, be it baron, drake, turrets or kills or anything else; otherwise you have to look to create a window when you go back to autopilot aka safe farming or resetting

  14. im stuck in dia and this sounds so wrong lmao you have to be flexible there is no pefect rule for what is best

  15. You ever just…
    Love league, get angry when it takes longer than 30 seconds to find a game, only play ranked, try not to commit genocide after your team doesn't carry their own weight, release an atomic bomb of rage when you get deranked?

  16. So thats why my team always ints, they apply the insideout rule and then die because they werent allowed to do that.

  17. Dude I'm lucky to remember to use my spells in the correct order let alone remember process where the enemy fled from a fight or how many seconds I have until the next 2 waves of minions get killed, I don't think that fast. The only thing that's inside out is my underwear when Iosing in league takes priority over laundry. Dope vid tho

  18. This is an absolutely invaluable guide! After watching this, and doing some reflection on past games, I can remember clearly that the games I was the most successful in, I was in a mindset that instinctively had me following this strategy. However, I'm not a huge fan of the term "Inside Out Rule" because the term "inside-out" seems kind of nebulous here.

    Based on how you described it, the way it clicked in my mind is the "Raking" strategy. How do you use a rake? Extend it to its maximum length (most dangerous objective away from you), grab all the biggest bits you can on the way (highest value farming/objective path), and pull back towards yourself (or in this case, towards safety and away from danger along your path).

  19. Thank you! These time optimization tips are so good. Love to see more videos about this and moment to moment decision making.

  20. Should be called Outside-In Rule as you're doing stuff that is further away first and then come back to do the safe things.

  21. I physically dont understand this. Its not one single rule, its a rule with a bgjillion appliances. This Video does not help me at all. Dont mean to trashtalk , just wanna give an honest feedback.


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