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In this video I show you the absolute cheapest way to not only get the Prestige Bloodhound skin and every skin in the 3-year Anniversary Event but also the cheapest way to purchase any event and Heirloom! #shorts

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  1. Reminder for console players to buy their corresponding console currency at places like Costco to save 10% there as well.

  2. yea i had to learn the hard way during the rampart event,opend the smaller bundle before buying the big 1 but then got the rampart skin so i didnt get the big bundle deal.say by by to rampart heirloom super sad face

  3. Just switch your region to Belgium (they can’t open apex packs (gamble) ) so you just get hella crafting materials instead of packs and then switch it back and do what he said haha saved me like $20 when I got BH heirloom on 2 year anniversary event

  4. Or just don't waste money on a mediocre skin that they missed the mark on. The skin should have leveled up in game and not permanently through dmg……theres nothing elite about that. Reactive character skins are the way to go apex……come on…….the weapons already have it. Let's do it with the character skins. If I get 10 kills in a match it would be nice for my in game skin to change based on that or if someone gets like 2k to 4k dmg……am I the only one thinking this?

  5. Please tell me: how du you communicate as pc player with a Console player? Console player Can't hear me… Just like I'm whispering. When we are in a fight he can hear sh*t. He said if things like shooting happen the game immediately make my voice like 80% lower for him and he can't understand me anymore… How to solve that problem (it's obviously not my Mike it's apex crossplay cause many people have the same isssue). Was the same for me in the past when I was on ps4 and played with pc poeple…

  6. I'm so close to getting the 100k damage for Bloodhound lol like SO DANG CLOSE MAN… Also buying it was rewarding considering I use almost every character in rotation and all the other skins I got I love too

  7. Yall really out here spending over $100 on a skin for a champ you might not even get to play in game. Sign up for EA Play that's another $15 to save $10? Crazy. Not to mention you literally only see it if you execute someone. If this was a for a gun skin or heirloom I could maybe see the appeal. Otherwise huge waste of resources.

  8. I saved even more money by getting the Bloodhound skin for $10. Bought $10 worth of apex packs for the first time and got heirloom shards.


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