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  1. People saying you have to open 500 pack for a heirloom there’s no other way that’s Not true. I have 11 and I counted all mine (apex packs it took to get one) it ranged from 77-491 never took the full 500 though, I think 500 is the guaranteed heirloom pack if your unlucky enough to not get it sooner.

  2. I got literally the best friend ever,it was my first time playing the game and he gave me an rev heriloom acc

  3. The people who call this a "glitch" are just clickbait wh*res. They're just lucky people who managed to coincidentally get it or edited a fake opening together.

  4. I got heirloom shards at level 18 and didn't know what they were until my friend told me like a month after. It was the very last pack, in a set of 12, that 1 hadent opened because I didn't know what those were either. Maybe try a stack of 12 and pretend you don't know what apex packs are lol 😉

  5. I got all the heirlooms by the seasons and collection events. Then again I do have everything except the rare and common skins for all my legends. I have themed banner poses. Music packs from right back in season 0. So all I really need is the new collection event and new seasons so I can get all there stuff 🙂


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