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Hey everyone! In todays video, we talk about WHICH game has BETTER CONTENT… Apex Legends? Or Fortnite?
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  1. I play more fortnite then apex because fortnite doesn't have issue on audio footsteps unlike Apex no audio where the enemy come from

  2. Apex dies every fucking season I’ve been playing the game forever the game is shit cause it’s run by shit devs garbage ass EA And THE FUCKING SHITTY COMMUNITY MAKES THE GAME HORRIBLE

  3. I mean i think personally the gameplay in apex is better but fortnite content is better say what you like but this what I stand by right now

  4. i actually uninstalled fortnite in december tho i didnt play it much, reinstalled this month got killed by a car and quit again. Maybe i should stop quiting.

  5. I gotta agree with ya. See I actively play Fortnite and Apex both and will often trade what I play for either Ranked Apex or weekly Challenges in Fortnite. I don’t wanna compare too much between the two so I’ll just do their two most recent seasons
    Season 11 Apex:
    – Ash
    – 1 gun
    – 1 br map
    – 1 arenas
    – 2 cosmetic based events
    Chapter 3, S1 Fortnite:
    – BP
    – New Map
    – 6 new guns
    – 3 minor map changes (so far(
    – 1 major change (so far)
    -Flare guns
    – Spider-Man shooters
    It’s easy to see what has more to offer content wise


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