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Back on PUBG after it went free to play to see if we can get that chicken dinner once more.

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Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
Five Below (Instrumental Version) – Torii Wolf

Playing with @Fugglet @Tomographic @StoneMountain64

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  1. Play more PUBG mate.
    But don't play Casual as they are 80% full of bots.
    Play Normals or Ranked. About 10-20% bots only. (but more cheaters)

  2. I wish CoD would separate mouse from controller and take off aim assist and have a bare-bones PUBG style.
    Maybe even simplify it with simple weapons, smg, rifle, sniper and pistol.

  3. Since it went free to play, it’s only squads? Like I can’t change it from squads only and I don’t want to run solo squads all the time makes me want to play it less

  4. you are the reason is started playing pubg back in 2019 and 2 days ago i came back to playing pubg.. today a video of yours "the white knight" from 2019 poped up on my recommendations and then this video.. i was so happy (and shocked) to see that you uploaded a pubg video 3 weeks ago

  5. Servers have a real desync problem, which is not present in AI training and rarely is an issue in Casual mode, been an issue since beginning and still is

  6. all the notifications on the main menu are driving me nuts! pls aculite check your notifications so the indicators go away

  7. "I think we should get high." -Aculite, 2022
    The team transforms into AcuLIT, STONEDmountain64, what the FUGGLET am I smoking?, and Bong-ographic.

  8. Literally once you find that game where you and three friends are chilling and laughing that’s the best game and that’s pubg for me

  9. thats a thing in this game we try not to thirst down players. and its looked down upon if you go for the instaflush in squads


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