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Wild Rift Top 2 Wukong Baron Lane Best Guide Build & Runes | Challenger Ranked Gameplay
Tag: AllisonWR
Server: BR – Americas
Elo: Challenger
Core items: Black Cleaver | Guardian Angel | Death’s Dance | Sterak’s Gage | Mortal Reminder | Stasis / Gargoyle Enchant
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  1. He played it well, knew his limits, and didn't try anything too crazy without his ult. Honestly though his laning could be better he took a bad trade and was forced to use honey fruit.

    At 1:31 it was obvious that Riven wanted to go for a trade. He should have cloned had Q ready so the clone Qs her then Q her yourself, auto attack + chase her, ignite when you wanted to, save E for her flash or when you can secure the kill. This would have been an easy kill and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't need to flash.

    Also a Wu OTP myself I prefer to get W lvl 2 he would have traded better lvl 2 and needed the honey fruit as much as he did. Another thing to note is figure out if using ult in lane is worth or not, you might kill the enemy but then you can't team fight as well if you need to.

    Also that engage in Dragon lane vs Alistar + TF was a bit of a reach, wasted ult, Xin ult, and almost wasted GA. But yeah Wukong gaming.

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