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  1. I logged in, looked for it, and got nothing. I play every evening so now I feel slighted. It isn’t in my inventory either.
    Personally, I’d be happy if they’d just fix the game so that my friends and I can play without someone almost constantly getting kicked and having to return to lobby and having to wait for person to load back in, only to have it happen again. And meanwhile any tokens being used are steadily being wasted while waiting to play.
    I mean, certainly they make enough on this game that they should be able to keep it running.

  2. Thanks for this video i was confused since I did not get the bundle but then could find the items in my inventory so thanks alot.

  3. Yeah no tier skip either but starting at lvl 30 was nice since I just got the time to get on for a couple hours today but like every other double xp weekend I work 7 days lol love the timing it always seems to have for these events.


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