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5:10 Gameplay

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  1. when i play lol the question pops up "why don't people play adc/archer as jungler like other games?" and finally people think the same as me 😂

  2. I see now from where did they get the idea, I play against a jungler Vayne, literally destroyed my team with good ganks and feed up too fast, 18 kills at no more than 15 minutes without killing me, I try to do my best on top and things were going well against the enemy top, but once I leave my lane and face her, I only see the countdown to respawn xD

  3. Day 3 requesting a Garden Jungle video. Let's see how many days I can comment before Darkbeaker does it.

    I like to go Youmuu's, Proto, Black Cleaver, Steraks, GA, Death's dance. Just my preference though

  4. Hey DB! I have a request that might be interesting to you.

    A video on OP team comps?

    Since it's all about 5Q my guild and I notice actually planned comps (playing the same team twice in row).

    They choose off meta picks like Singed, Nunu, Asol, Leona and Jinx.

    Technically we should of won but they always came out on top
    The Old saying goes – "A champion team will always beat a team of Champions"

    So yeah, would love to hear your opinions on building team comps or outright tell us some?

  5. They have fu***d up someting in meta game is becoming same as mobile legends jungler hypercarry meta i dont want to wr have same meta as mobile legend i want unique game not some cheap copy where everyting is worse

  6. Do you ever try eve in solo Lane? Her 1 is do good to poke,aginst melee she is broken,Just ban fiora and you be Fine
    Catalyst of Aeons,and than Rod of ages,maybe Archangel's Staff,luden or something like that
    Afeter lv5 you Just push the wave and Go to mid,or the enemy jg,Just be psycho and happy.

  7. That 15/1/× is not due to the champ, the role or the build, it's mainly down to Vaynebreaker having actual skill.

    If I'd try that, I'd go 1/15/x.

    The reason Kai'Sa Jgl works for me is bc you don't need to aim with the S1…

  8. Hey today I had tried full tank amumu in baron and it's awesome against akali…I went up killing her 4 times a row…fun…must try😀😀


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