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  1. Game is broken. I almost exclusively play SOLO and have a 57% win rate. Yet, Riot gives me +10/-15 LP. Why would I play ranked anymore? Why play the game at all if ranked isn’t an option?

  2. I really tried to listen to hells and check out this channel.
    However after 2 hours i can't handle the toxicity from this steamer anymore. Flaming his duo que, blaming his teammates for EVERYTHING and often hypocritically dying after he bags his teammates.

    Shame that the gameplay is actually fucking awesome and is ruined.

    Good luck, Cheers dude.

  3. TBH the repetitiveness of your role AND Champion Selection doesn't bode well for content or an educational experience. If this continues you're going to lose viewers including this one…

  4. Was hoping you guys wouldn't just smurf with low ELO players and bash them for being low ELO. I look forward to being instructed on how to get out of low ELO so you smurfs won't be so toxic.

  5. Oh man I understand your frustration, I've been playing league pc since s1 and I've been malding at other players because of how braindead they can get macro wise, I expect way more of people that are in high emerald or diamond but people are terrible

  6. Truest thing Kerxx ever said about emerald player 5 queing and getting to challanger whike being trash
    5 q shoudlnt be allowed above diamond like pc
    While amazing solo q players are stuck in diamond ….

  7. Not gonna lie I'm happy it's not just NA server I swore it was just us….na people are just not gamers anymore lol..playing casually in a ranked mode..


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