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How To Easily Get & Track Heirlooms In Apex Legends Season 12

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  1. Yeah I’ve earned the one heirloom that I have just by opening packs it’s kind of a pathetic fact that people are spending $200 every fucking season on this game for a new cosmetic though

  2. If you're a player that has only bought the battle passes and opened free packs since day 1 you should be hitting 500 packs around now, I got my first shards from packs in November (i've bought a couple 10-25 pack bundles in the past), and my friend that's been playing since day 1 but hasn't bought any just got his first this week.

    1 heirloom every 3 years is pretty sad considering they're now doing heirloom legend skins as well as melee weapons, 9 years to get 3 heirlooms at this rate… and we're already on 20 legends, that's 40 heirlooms once they all have weapons and skins… hope they do something to increase pack drops beyond level 500 soon.


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