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Everyone! A correction about the 1v1Me tournament, there are 2 tournaments taking place on the 19th and the 21st of February! Make sure to scan the QR Code, sign up and enter to cash that money out and get whatever you want in Apex!

Hey there everyone! In todays video, we talk about the free heirloom glitch in Apex Legends Season 12

And then proceed to roast, expose and talk about it lol.

Thank you all for watching!

Keep it 100!



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  1. 1v1Me tournament correction: there's one 500$ free to enter tournament happening on the 21st and the 19th of Feb! So make sure to sign up and cash that money in!

  2. I managed to get the bloodhound skin for free, all I did was open 2 of the free anniversary packs and got 6 of the anniversary skins. . . Shouldnt be possible. I closed my game and when I got back in I was welcomed with a apex pack opening and saw the bloodhound prestige skin

  3. so this happed to me im a level 98 and didnt even open them in a pack. and when i joind a round it kicked me off and when i got back in they were gone

  4. hmmmmmmmmmmm know this outro was supposed to be gone but rengoku still keeps dying. sad. its the only thing consistent so far lol

  5. all my weapons are pink got that flamingo wrap. now i gotta get all characters to pink.
    i got legendary crafting metals on my laptop as i play mouse and key now. it gave me 600.


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